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The work of George Shadford investigates the human condition of everyday living from the satirical to the sublime. He presents obscure narratives infused with both a sense of physical and psychological information, ironic interpretations and energy that becomes entertaining.  Shadford realizes his own values and interests as his view resonates in his desire to invent subtle and profound sculptures that defy convention.

Much like the artists of the 70’s, especially the ceramic artists of Saskatchewan, Victor Cicansky, Jack Sures and Joe Fafard, they were strongly influenced by the pop-oriented California Funk movement that resisted high art, modernism and referenced their own region with an aesthetic that represented culture and landscape specific to their community.  The Saskatchewan Funk artists subjected the art field by rejecting the sophisticated hierarchy of the art world to present figurative works that reflected folk art traditions.  They contextualize public art as not only being accessible and meaningful but also it becomes a visual reminder of the landscape and stimuli for the imagination for the people where it is placed.

In Shadford’s work, Middle Class Uprising George presents a sculpture with an acute sensitivity to his surroundings that combines tactile qualities fused with literalness and anxiety. Similarly like the Regina artist Joe Fafard whose work evokes traditional French-Canadian wood carving, Shadford engages ceramics to create portraits of individuals from his community to develop his own personal sense of artistic style that emanate a humorous reflection on life with playful and dissenting gestures that engage his audience. Moral or political issues become fodder expressed through visual interpretation as his work evokes the familiar either from memory or fantasy while connecting the audience to both the ridiculous and the outrageousness of the moment. 

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